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In it to win it

"As a criminal defense attorney for 30 years, I know there are two types of lawyers who do this work. Those who try cases and those who don't. If you are in the second group, you don't need Len Newcomb. But if you want to win hire Newcomb Investigative Services. Len can tell you about all the NG's we racked up together, and it is was in no small part, a result of Len's genius. Without a doubt the smartest man in the business, but it goes beyond that. Len has a passion for justice that causes him to find a way to achieve it. If you want the best, it's Newcomb Investigative Services, if you want something else, go somewhere else."

Phil Dunn

Attorney at Law


"I am a criminal defense attorney, and have been working with Newcomb Investigative Services for over 7 years. I have used Mr. Newcomb as an investigator on just about all of my cases. Mr. Newcomb possesses excellent investigation skills, and his many years of experience are reflected in his work product. Mr. Newcomb has 23 years experience as a police officer/detective and over 19 years experience as a criminal defense investigator. The combination of the two gives Mr. Newcomb a perspective that not many investigators, or even attorneys, have. Mr. Newcomb often offers ideas and approaches to cases that I, on my own, would not have considered. One particular case that we worked on together was a very serious rape case. Mr. Newcomb investigated every angle of the case. He was able to show that my client was not guilty. The District Attorney's Office dismissed the case. If it wasn't for all his hard work, my client could very well have been convicted of a sex crime he did not commit. That is just one example of the amazing results Mr. Newcomb has achieved for me. I, without hesitation, would recommend Newcomb Investigative Services to anyone in need of criminal investigation, civil investigation or background services."

Kristi Peariso
Attorney at Law

small business success

" On several occasions we used Newcomb Investigative Services.  Where so many had failed us in the past, Newcomb Investigative Services was able to come through immediately.  Their company was attentive to detail, professional and ethical.  I would recommend any individual or business to use their services"

Tim McGuire
Director of Sales and Marketing
P.W. Gillibrand Company Inc.
Simi Valley, Ca


The Efren Cruz Story

Len Newcomb served as the investigator on the case of Efren Cruz.  Mr. Cruz was convicted of murder in Santa Barbara and was serving time in prison.  Newcomb Investigative Services helped prove Mr. Cruz's innocence in the case.  Len Newcomb's service in this case earned him the award of Hero of the Year for the City of Santa Barbara as well as commendations from the US House of Representatives and the California State Legislature.