Newcomb Investigative Services

Now Offering Tenant Screening!

Newcomb Investigative Services now offers screening services for prospective tenants.

Our screenings are fast and affordable

legal Services

  • Criminal Investigations
  • Civil Investigations
  • Litigation Support
  • Subpoena Service
  • Asset Searches
  • Skip Trace
  • Surveillance

Small Business Services

  • Pre-employment screening.  We can provide employers with detailed levels of screening based on their needs.  From basic background checks, to DMV checks, to credit checks to resume verification, we offer full screening packages that ensure you make an educated hiring decision.
  • Employee Theft.  Let us help you solve theft or leakage issues.  We have the experience and equipment to determine where your losses are coming from and help you solve them.
  • Small Claims.  We are able to track down debtors and help you serve them so that you can re-coup your bad debt.
  • Covert Cameras.  We have an array of hidden cameras that can be rented or purchased to help you discreetly monitor your business.
  • Worker's Compensation Fraud.  We have all dealt with employees that manage to get hurt on the job at the most convenient times.  Let us help you prove that they are taking advantage of the system and prevent further increases in your worker's compensation insurance.
  • GPS Tracking.  We can rent or sell you discreet GPS tracking systems that allow you to see where your company vehicles are going.  Company vehicles are a potential liability and you need to understand where they are taken without your permission.
  • Due Diligence.  Let us help you learn about your potential business partner or business acquisition.  We can provide you the details you need to make an educated decision.  
  • Divulgence of Intellectual Property.  Maybe your employees aren't stealing cash, maybe they are stealing your ideas or clients.  Let us help determine this and put a stop to it before it costs you business. 

Other Services

  • Nanny or Day Care Screening.  Before you hire someone to care for your child, let us complete a comprehensive background check to ensure you have full knowledge in your decision.  
  • Missing Persons.  Using our access to the most advanced databases, we can help locate relatives or any missing person.  We can also locate debtors who are trying to avoid collections.
  • Asset Searches.  We can trace assets of individuals for lawsuits or bad debt.
  • Identity Theft​.