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Ronald Reagan

  • 23 years as a police officer. 
  • 12 years as a dectective.
  • 19 years in private practice.
  • Medal of Valor recipient.
  • Peace Officer of the Year winner.
  • Hero of the Year, City of Santa Barbara.
  • Expert in identity theft
  • VCSD Academy Instructor

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To provide a relentless pursuit of truth and justice using ethical, effective and timely investigative techniques to serve our clients.



Len Newcomb has 23 years of experience with the Oxnard Police Department. In that time, he worked as a training officer and as a senior investigator. He also worked as an instructor at the Ventura County Police and Sheriff’s Academy. His extensive experience includes investigations of homicide, major crimes, vice, sexual assault, white collar crimes, fraud, burglary and property crimes.  During his career in the police department, he earned awards such as Peace Officer of the Year and the Medal of Valor.
While working as a police officer, Len also earned a degree in criminal justice and a lifetime California Community College Teaching Credential from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He also taught criminal justice classes at Ventura College for fifteen years.  
In 1995 Len retired from the police department and started his own private investigations firm. Using his skills and expertise, he has served on a wide variety of high profile cases.   He has vast experience in a wide range of criminal cases including death penalty homicides and three strikes cases. Len has been recognized by both the United States Congress and the California State Assembly for uncovering new evidence that led to the release of unjustly convicted Efren Cruz after serving five years of a murder conviction.  He also was awarded Hero of the Year by the City of Santa Barbara for this case.
Len Newcomb is recognized as an expert in the field of identity theft.